Couples Counseling & Therapy Granbury, Texas

I can provide marriage and pre-marriage counseling to couples of all lifestyles. We will help you develop ways to work through problems, and find ways to strengthen your relationships.

Couples Counseling may be for you and your partner if you seek to:

  • Find support for the relationship during life’s transitions into marriage, parenting, co-habitation, separation, or reconciliation.
  • Learn to communicate in healthier and more mindful ways
  • Deepen the level of intimacy and connection within the relationship
  • Explore where the relationship is heading and establish tools for navigating this path
  • Gain insight on the emotions that take place in the moment that alter the way you and your partner interact
  • Re-establish connection and enjoyment in each other’s company
  • Build the tools for bringing wellness and health to the couple and family system
  • Reduce conflict, learn triggers, and develop strategies for navigating arguments

Growth with Guidance

Life is full of many challenges, especially in our day to day relationships. These challenges can come from our pasts, work, relationships or finances.  If you are feeling unsatisfied, lost or disappointed, counseling can help you to find clarity, resolution, and strength through exploration, structured goal setting and mindfulness. It’s good to know that hope still exists and change can come to those who are willing to work towards it.

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Sliding Scale Fees

Starting at $70 Per Session

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Notice: Due to Covid-19 most (if not all) counseling services will be provided through virtual visits via Skype or Zoom. Online counseling sessions are being covered with the same copay as a typical face-to-face session. If you have any questions about this please feel free to email me ([email protected]) or text me (940-902-2632).