Family Therapy & Counseling, Granbury, Texas

Family counseling could be beneficial to you and your loved ones. Families come in all forms, and that can come with unique struggles. Understanding your family dynamics and working on solutions that will help benefit the family system as a whole is always my priority.

You may benefit from family counseling if you experience: 

  • Your family is suffering from stress, conflict, loss, or grief
  • There is desire to connect more intimately and deeply with family members
  • There is hope to exist more harmoniously with each other
  • Your family could benefit from improved communication, expression, and listening
  • Your family needs help navigating life’s transitions and/or circumstances that are creating a strain

Growth with Guidance

Life is full of many challenges, especially in our day to day relationships. These challenges can come from our pasts, work, relationships or finances.  If you are feeling unsatisfied, lost or disappointed, counseling can help you to find clarity, resolution, and strength through exploration, structured goal setting and mindfulness. It’s good to know that hope still exists and change can come to those who are willing to work towards it.

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Could My Family Benefit from Counseling?

When a family is happy and healthy, there’s nothing better. But family life isn’t always that way all the time. We have so many stressful situations in life that sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain a healthy family unit.

Family issues can stem from a number of things; money, time, work, behavioral challenges, children all have the potential to cause conflict within the home.

Most families have built up a resiliency to these problems, but even the most picture perfect home goes through times where they could use some help.

The decision to seek a family therapist isn’t always and easy decision to make. It can make people feel like they are admitting defeat, but in reality, seeking counseling is an investment in the long term health of your family unit.

Therapy isn’t just “one” thing. It can be many things, with different goals, outcomes and strategies to help you live a more happy and balanced life. There isn’t one family that has never had an issue arrive— you and your family are no different.

Counseling could be an option that your family would benefit from.

Reasons to Seek Help for Your Family

Feeling drained, or unsatisfied. This is a common reason people seek therapy. If you or your spouse or children often feel drained, or have trouble getting through even routine tasks, therapy might be an opportunity to develop new skills to help you manage your emotions and bring life and energy back into your relationships.

Experiencing extreme or intense emotional reactions. It’s absolutely normal for all people to experience a wide range of emotions. Things like fear, sadness, anger, and anxiety are just normal human behavior. But if someone in your family is having extreme or intense emotional responses, counseling may help them develop the necessary skills to better identify, understand and deal with these emotions.

Breakdown in communication. Communication is essential in any relationship. Often times we find the hardest people to talk to, and clearly explain our thoughts or emotions are the people closest to us. Counseling can help provide you with easy to use tips to help you and your family become better communicators.

Withdrawing from family activities. Often times when people are unhappy with their situation they will withdraw or retreat altogether. This type of situation doesn’t get better if you ignore it. Your therapist can help you open up lines of communication to better engage your family members and bring them back into the circle.

Violence or threats of violence to family members. Violence is a serious issues that many families face. It’s never normal to be violent to anyone in your family. People who become violent or are abusive often try to normalize their behavior. Violence is not a normal part of a family system. If you are experiencing a violent situation it’s imperative you seek help immediately.

Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness. Sometimes we get so in over our head that we feel like there is no way out. If you feel like you are at the end of your rope or that the situation has gotten so far out of hand there is nothing you can do but to accept it, there is help available to you. No one needs to feel this way, and family counseling can help provide hope and help to your situation you may not have thought was possible.

Choosing the Right Counselor for Your Family

Choosing the right counselor for your family is an important step. There are many therapists to choose from in Granbury, but don’t get frozen by the fear of choice. There are some things you can consider that will help you choose a therapist that will be the right fit for your family.

Consider what insurances a therapist accepts. Cost can be a factor when choosing a therapist, but your insurance likely covers a significan’t portion of your visits. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aenta and have an affordable sliding-scale fee structure that could allow you to self-pay your appointments.

Ask your doctor. Family doctors typically have referral networks and can recommend a counselor that might be the right fit for your family. They probably give out these recommendations often, so don’t feel shy asking.

Seek guidance from your pastor. If you are a part of a church or religious group, leaders in your community can help you find a therapist that aligns with your belief system. See Me Therapy’s counselor Mollie Van Deusen is a christian and will offer christian counseling, but does not force religious beliefs on anyone. Just ask!

Personal Recommendations. One of the most effective ways to find a therapist to to talk with a friend or family member who has been to a counselor. Their experiences will help you see if that counselor might be the right fit for you.

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Family Systems Therapy

This form of psychotherapy helps people resolve issues in the context of their family units, which is where many problems originally stem. Families work together to gain a better understanding of the dynamic of their family and the role they play in the group. The main focus of family systems therapy is that what happens to one member of a family happens to all.

It’s important to understand that the things that affect you, also have an effect on members of your family, even if you don’t realize it.

Many issues we face began early in life and were formed from relationships we had in our family. These issues may not show up until later in life. This therapy is helpful for people suffering with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, personality disorders, addiction and food-related disorders. Family systems therapy also benefits individuals and family members betters control an cope with physical disabilities and disorders.

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Sliding Scale Fees

Starting at $70 Per Session

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Notice: Due to Covid-19 most (if not all) counseling services will be provided through virtual visits via Skype or Zoom. Online counseling sessions are being covered with the same copay as a typical face-to-face session. If you have any questions about this please feel free to email me ([email protected]) or text me (940-902-2632).